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JEC 2019

JEC 2019

          JEC is the greatest event held by the English Language Education Department of UINSA. JEC as Java English Competition was held on the 21st of September 2019 in Auditorium UINSA brings the different. This year JEC becomes Java English Competition which all participants were from all around Java and Madura. Brings the main theme “Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0: Millennial as the Generation of Change” with the purpose to prepare and provide the change of industry 4.0 as a generation of change.

          This year JEC followed by more than 1200 participants around Java and Madura. JEC has four competitions they are English Olympiad, storytelling, speech contest, essay contest, and bazar. English Olympiad that contested in JEC is for Junior and Senior high school students around Java. Storytelling is for junior high school students, speech contest is for senior high school students and essay competition is for college students from around Java and Madura. Bazar is contested only for the freshman of tarbiyah faculty.
         This event enlivened by angklung performance by UINSA students and continued with greetings from Dr. H. SaifulJazil, M.Ag as a Dean III tarbiyah faculty of Islamic University of SunanAmpel Surabaya and opening Java English Competition 2019. From more than 1200 participants, only 27 participants who won Java English Competition 2019 and each competition have six winners, except the essay competition which only took three winners. The winners will get the tutoring scholarships from Primagama learning institutions and also fresh money.

          Here are the winners of Java English Competition 2019: 1st winner of English Olympiad for Junior High School Students KayanaAyunda from MTsN 1 Malang, the 2nd winner Kelly Eugenia Agustin from SMP Mawar Sharon, the 3rd winner is Nur Yasin from MTsN 5 nganjuk, followed by the 4th winner Alisha Fathia from SMP Islam As-Sakinah, the 5th winner is Adenia Puspawati from SMPN 2 Jember, and the 6th winner is Nadya Ulya from SMPN 1 Lamongan. The winners of English Olympiad for Senior High School students: 1st winner is Marco Ludwig from SMA Kristen Kalam Kudus, 2nd winner is Bradley Xavier from SMAK Santo Paulus, 3rd winner is Doni Ahmad Ramadhani from MBI Amanatul Ummah Pacet, the next is 4th winner Ericka Mega from SMAN 2 Ponorogo, 5th winner is M. Umar Subhki from MA Unggulan Amanatul Ummah Pacet, and the 6th winner is Ratu Bernesa from SMA Salsabillah Sampang. The winners of story telling competition: 1st winner is Cameliya Ayu from SMP Santo Yosef, 2nd winner is Bradie Naraditya from SMP Progresif Bumi Sholawat, 3rd winner is Mauludin Rohmat Hidayatullah from SMPIT Al-Anwar Mojosari, and followed by 4th winner is Nathania Jaquelin from SMP Santo Yosef, 5th winner M. Haikal Fikri from MTsN 1 Sidoarjo, 6th winner is Mutiara Manik from MTsN 1 Sidoarjo. The winners of speech contest for senior high school students: 1st winner is Jonathan Driven form SMAN 1 Gresik, 2nd winner is Rizkiyah Alifatul Fauziyah from Man 2 Gresik, 3rd winner is Narendra Nizam from SMAN 1 Sidoarjo, the next is 4th winner Arina Fitrie from MBI Amanatul Ummah Pacet, 5th winner is Nurul Mukaromah from MAN 2 Ponorogo, and the 6th winner is Marcella Tri Jalianti from SMKN 1 Surabaya. The winners of essay competition are Mauliya Avvi from Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo as the 1st winner, Arnita from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya as the 2nd winner and Putri Yunita from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya as the 3rd winner.

          Hopefully this event can provide benefits and give more knowledge for millennials as the generation of change and to all who involved.

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Di bawah ini merupakan hasil semi-final dan final perlombaan English Olympiade, Story-Telling, Speech Contest dan Essay JEC 2019

Download hasil semi-final JEC 2019 dengan klik gambar di bawah ini :

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Download hasil final JEC 2019 dengan klik gambar di bawah ini :

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Di bawah ini merupakan hasil kualifikasi English Olympiad JEC 2019

Download hasil kualifikasi English Olympiade SMP JEC 2019 dengan klik gambar di bawah ini :

Download hasil kualifikasi English Olympiade SMA JEC 2019 dengan klik gambar di bawah ini :

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             ICONELT (International Conference ON English Language Teaching) is one of the most beautiful event that held by English Education Department. ICONELT only held once for two years, the first ICONELT was hold in 2017 and this year was the second event by the theme “TRANSFORMING CURRICULUM : PROMOTING MULTILITERACIES AND DEVELOPING 21st CENTURY SKILLs through English language teaching”.

                The committee of this event are almost all the lecturer and the students  at 2nd semester to 8th semester in English Education. Mrs. Fitriah, PhD. as The chief of this eventis one of the lecture at English education Department. The Organizers of this event are very extraordinary. They planned an amazing strategy to make this terrifying  event.

                This event was hold in two days on Thursday, 25th of July2019 and on Friday, 26th of July 2019. There were some speakers who participated in this event and the rest were  from Australia. As we know that this event was participated by some English teacher from Indonesia even from abroad. Beside, there are some students of English Education Department UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya who participated in this event. In order to get many knowledges and great experiences from the speakers. Hopefully, they will have many imaginations about their teaching in the future.

                Luckily, the committee also got the great experiences from this event. Because they learned many things. Hopefully. This event will be the extraordinary event in UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya even in Abroad Ever After. See You On ICONELT 2021 J

Senin, 22 April 2019


Di bawah ini merupakan rekapan terbaru peserta JEC 2019

Download rekapan peserta dengan klik gambar dibawah ini :

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FORMA (Forum Mahasiswa)

By: Elvi Rahmawati

     Forma or student forum is a routine agenda from Public Relation Division of Students Asociation of English Teacher Education Department which has been held once in a semester. Muhammad Zainuddin Al Halimi as the chief of the agenda said that the aim of this agenda is to made up students and the authority of education and teacher training faculty aspiration for the good sake of both throughout the the teaching and learning proccess and the facility of the building itself. The latest forma held on april 8th 2019 at Ruang sidang rekorat lama lt.2 and attended by the vice dean of education and teacher training faculty, the head of language department of education and teacher training faculty, the head of english teacher education department of education and teacher training faculty and the head of particular administration of education and teacher training faculty.

      All of english teacher education department students can join this agenda and share their opinion or suggestion about everything related to the study and the facility. Before participating in the agenda, they have already voiced their aspiration in the paper that have been spreaded all over the students and they also can write it on google form made by the committee of the agenda. The representative of each semester will read the written aspiration from the students, so it is delivered well overall. The related authority will answer or give feedback about students anspiration. They explain it in systematic way, how it does by the ministry of religion. Having a discussion about what it will be, finding the right way to solve the issues so there will not be misunderstanding .

Rabu, 06 Maret 2019

Charity Special

Awakening Sympathy, Sharing Education Through Charity

        Charity is one of Public Relation Division programs that held in Dsn. Kalikajang, Ds. Gebang, Sidoarjo. It has been held for a week, started from February 9th to February 12th 2019. The purpose of this agenda was to enhance building care for others in need, build shympathy and tolerance, also giving a contribution in education by teaching the students in the community.

       Kalikajang is one of the villages in Sidoarjo. Why this agenda took place in Dsn. Kalikajang? Nuril as the chief of this agenda said that they chose Dsn. Kalikajang because it was quite near from Surabaya and quite easy to reach. There are 2 ways in reaching Kalikajang, those are by riding wooden boats or walking for 6 kilometers with a muddy track.

        In this agenda we also gave a contribution to teach the students by doing a social teaching, the social teaching took place in MI AL ABROR which is the nearest Elementary School in Kalikajang. The distance between the school and the village is about 2-3 kilometers, but the children always have the spirit to go to school every morning with the muddy track. They always go and leave the school together. There are 6 classes in the school, each class contains of 4-6 students. Besides teaching at school, there was also an agenda to teach Al-Quran at the mosque. When the children go to the mosque they are as cheerful as when they go to school. They are very friendly to people who come to their village. Another agenda was giving courses for children who wanted to study or did their homework.

         The reason why this program been held was because we wanted to help others in social and education through teaching and charity. The contribution and the dedication will raise the awareness and concern of the condition of the surroundings in the community. Hope this agenda would be helpful to others.

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JEC 2019, from Jatim to Java

JEC is Coming

   JEC (Java English Competition) is an annual event organized by student association  of English teacher education department UIN SUNAN AMPEL Surabaya. This program aims to hone English proficiency and skills through various English language competitions for middle school, high school and university students. Previously, JEC was known as “Jatim English competition”  because the event was only intended for students in East Java. However the event was a big success, it is time for jatim English competition to expand into Java English Competition. This is also because there are many participants from outside East Java who want to join Jatim English competition.

   As the name implies, Java English competition participants come from various cities of Java island. The JEC committee has prepared several rayon scattered in 13 major cities in Java island which will be the place for participants to register. The thirteen cities that will be the rayon are in Surabaya, Mojokerto, Lamongan, Kediri, Pasuruan, Malang, Bojonegoro, Madiun, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jember and Bangkalan. Last year, the English competition held in September 2018. It was attended by 1,442 participants from all over East Java. The Java English competition participants in 2019 are expected to increase because of the wider area coverage besides there are more cities as the rayon for Java English Competition.

   Java English competition consists of four competitions. They are English Olympiad, story telling, speech contest, and Essay Competition. First, English Olympiad is a written test that can measure students' English skills. This competition is for junior and senior high school students in Java island. In its implementation, the English Olympiad consists of 3 sessions of qualifying, semifinal and final round. The qualifying round will be conducted in each rayon which includes vocabulary, grammar and reading. The participants will proceed to the semifinal which be held on the campus of UIN SUNAN AMPEL Surabaya. In the semifinal round participants will be asked to make essays in English within 60 minutes regarding case studies related to sub-themes.

   Meanwhile, story telling is a competition that is intended for junior high school students. The story telling competition consists of two rounds, the preliminary round and the final round, both of them will be held on  UIN SUNAN AMPEL Surabaya. Participants will dig in according to the specified theme. Participants are not allowed to bring the a text in the competition.

   The practice of speaking is important when learning English. Learning to speak English can increase our knowledge about vocabulary. For high school students who have the ability to speak English can take part in Speech Contest. This competition could improve the ability to speak English and develop self-confidence.

   The last competition is essay competition which was intended for university students throughout Java. University students who have writing skill could enroll to this essay writing competition. Participants who have registered will be asked to write essay in English and consist of 450-650 words according to the theme given. Participants with the best scores will present their essays in semifinal and final round.

   We're coming with the upgraded one, from Jatim English Competition to Java English Competition. Please look forward for us . . !