Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Writing Competition "Essay & Short Story"

We just held Writing Competition "Essay & Short Story" for students of UINSA.

Congratulations!!to the winner of Writing Competition "Essay & Short Story".Here are the list name of the winner, faculty and the title of the essay/short story :


1. Rahayuningsih - FTK/PBI - "The Fade of Teacher's Authority"
2. Fauzan Atsari - FAH/SI - "Education Development in Indonesia"
3. Ilvi Fhmil Ilmiyah - FTK/PBI - "Education Reform in Indonesia Underscores The Central Role of Accountability"

Short Story

1. Faby Toriqirrama - FSH/HK - "From Pesantren to Oxford Union"
2. Maulidah Furqoby - FTK/PBI - "The Contrastive of Education between Java and East Province"
3. Luluk Fatikah Sari - FTK/PBI - "The Violence of Silent"

We'll see you on the next event guys! ^^

Here the documentation of the event :

E-Rendezvous (2nd edition)

E-Rendezvous 2nd edition.
Now in gif format.
Just click and watch to see the content ^^