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EAGER 2020

   EAGER or English Academian Gathering is a welcoming event for freshman of ELED. This event is regularly held once a year for welcoming freshmen. Usually, EAGER is carried out offline in a villa for three days, but due to the pandemic, EAGER carried out online for the first time.    EAGER 2020 was held on the 6 th , 7 th , 14 th , and 15 th of November 2020 via Zoom conference. Every Saturday and Sunday in two weeks EAGER2020 has been done successfully. EAGER 2020 with theme “Embracing Diversity, Tightening Solidarity” has some great events. One of them is the inauguration night which shows the creativity of the freshmen. Not only freshmen, some of committees also showed their talent. Beside that, EAGER2020 also discussed some materials about college life and knowledge about English Language Education Department with great speakers.    Every year in EAGER there is an election for the king and queen of EAGER. This election is determined by activeness of freshman in this event.