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Pengumuman Class Code Google Classroom Speech Contest JEC 2023

  Halo JEC Nation... Speech Contest JEC 2023 sudah launching kode buat masuk Google Classroom nih...! Download Pengumuman Class Code Google Classroom Speech Contest JEC 2023:

Update Peserta JEC 20 Agustus 2023

 Dibawah ini merupakan rekapan peserta terbaru JEC 2023. Download rekapan peserta dengan klik gambar dibawah ini:

PBAK 2023: An Introduction to the University's Ins and Outs to the Freshmen

     The theme for the Writing Web today that we write is the PBAK event or the introduction period for the campus environment. In this Writing Web, we have interviewed a resource person who is also one of the committee members, and a mentor at this PBAK event and he even won the award as the best mentor at the PBAK event himself, namely Arya Bagus Anindita, a 2022 English Language Education study program student.      On the first day of PBAK, the initial gathering place for the new students was in front of the FTK building and lined up according to their groups, and started with cheers from each group. In the next event, new students were directed to the sports center to continue the next event, namely the chancellor's presentation to new students. While in the sports center, the event was not conducive due to demonstrations from other faculties which made the atmosphere in the sport center less conducive, and made the chancellor very uncomfortable and haven't even uttered

Fostering Social Awareness and Responsibility through Charity

     Charity is a type of community service program organized by the Public Relations Division of Himaprodi PBI on August 7th–10th, 2023 in Kalialo Hamlet, Kupang Village, Jabon District, Sidoarjo Regency. This service program is led by Oky Agus Sarvita. It focuses on education in the form of teaching the students at SDN Kupang 4, Jabon, to train and develop their English language skills. The charity activity began with an opening by the head of the community, namely Mrs. Kumairoh and also TPQ's teacher, namely Mrs. Masitoh, which was led by the MC, namely M. Farid Ubaidillah. Then, it continued with tidying up the TPQ area and a briefing for the next day's event.      On Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, at 10 a.m., teaching and learning activities were carried out, which began with the introduction of each teacher and followed by singing a song before praying. Next, the teacher gave material in the form of vocabulary for animals around Kalialo hamlet to memorize, such as shrimp, f