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Coronavirus VS Covid-19

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The Covid Impacts Toward ELED

The Covid Impacts Toward ELED      The Covid-19 pandemic, which attacks human respiratory organs easily, has already stressed out the whole world population and reaches at least 124 countries and territories including Indonesia. In dealing with this issue, the Indonesian government has established a "social-distancing" policy to prevent the increasing number of Covid-19 victims. This policy requires us to do all activities, including studying, inside our home with the help of sophisticated technology. Moreover, due to this strict policy, teaching-learning and civitas academica gathering are constrained. Let's take a look at our beloved campus, UINSA Surabaya, especially in English Language Education Department context.            In obeying the "social-distancing" policy dealing with this Covid-19 issue, English Language Education Department (ELED) st akeholder  suggests to ELED lecturers to conduct e-teaching learning activity. This daring, Dalam