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IT Workshop 2023: A Means to Introduce LinkedIn and Curriculum Vitae for Beginners

     In today's writing, we will raise the topic of the IT Workshop seminar 2023 (17/06/2023). We have also interviewed Aimmatul Muhibbah, as the member of the Information and Technology (IT) Division who became the organizer of the event. The IT Workshop takes the theme "Escalating the Ability of LinkedIn and Curriculum Vitae for Beginners", with the professional guest star, Nur Eliana Rosyadah.      Nur Eliana Rosyadah is a final-year student at one of the famous universities in Surabaya, Airlangga University (UNAIR) with Language and Literature as her major. She has been working as an apprentice from 2020 until now and being an awardee of Pertamina Foundation Sobat Bumi scholarship. Therefore, her great achievements have made her chosen as the most proper speaker in this event.      Ms. Eliana herself also known as a content creator who usually shares her knowledge on her own social media accounts, namely about internships, personal branding on LinkedIn. LinkedIn i

Opinion of Pancasila Day

       Pancasila's name is a combination of the Sanskrit words "pañca", which means "five," and "śīla", which means "principles" or "precepts." Pancasila Day, which is observed annually on June 1st, is now a recognized official holiday in Indonesia. By means of Presidential Decree No. 24/2016, President Joko Widodo declared the day a national holiday in 2016. The holiday was first observed on June 1st, 2017.      Because Pancasila was adopted as Indonesia's official foundational philosophical theory, or simply became the state ideology on this day, Pancasila Day has become a significant occasion. Prior to Indonesia's independence from Japan and the Dutch in 1945, Soekarno, the country's first president, gave a speech in which he outlined the history of Pancasila. By long discussion and process, Pancasila stated into 5 points, which are; A Divinity that is an ultimate unity, A just and civilized humanity, The national uni