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JEC 2019

JEC 2019           JEC is the greatest event held by the English Language Education Department of UINSA. JEC as Java English Competition was held on the 21st of September 2019 in Auditorium UINSA brings the different. This year JEC becomes Java English Competition which all participants were from all around Java and Madura. Brings the main theme “Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0: Millennial as the Generation of Change” with the purpose to prepare and provide the change of industry 4.0 as a generation of change.           This year JEC followed by more than 1200 participants around Java and Madura. JEC has four competitions they are English Olympiad, storytelling, speech contest, essay contest, and bazar. English Olympiad that contested in JEC is for Junior and Senior high school students around Java. Storytelling is for junior high school students, speech contest is for senior high school students and essay competition is for college students from around Java and Mad