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Pekan Kunjung Perpustakaan Event

Do you know?  September is the most hectic month in UIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA. There are several events that eventually held in this month. One of the events is “Pekan Kunjung Perpustakaan”. This event is celebrated in every 14th September. This is very glorious event because there are some competitions that held in this event, such as singing battle, drawing competition, speech competition for elementary school students, video profile design competition, and many more. Many students are participated in “Pekan Kunjung Perpustakaan”. In tarbiyah faculty, especially the students of English Language Education Department are very enthusiastic in celebrating this event. Last year, several students of English Language Education Department became the committees. There are four students who became the master of ceremony on the first and the last day. Moreover, the students of dance community also perfomed their best performance in the last event to entertain the participant. Proudly,