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Commemorating Its 18th Anniversary

English Language Education Department of UINSA Collaborated with HIMAPRODI PBI and CEDA to held Awards and Seminars                                               To commemorate the 18th Anniversary of the English Language Education Department, the Faculty of Tarbiyah UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, the Study Program of English Language Education Department collaborated with HIMAPRODI PBI and CEDA (Community of English Department Alumni) to hold a celebration with various activities on Friday (17/3). Starting with the colossal gymnastics in front of the UINSA’s auditorium led by HIMAPRODI PBI members. All participants were encouraged to boost their spirits in the morning. The event continued with the registration of invited guests and participants which were also attended by study program leaders, departments, and faculties and accompanied with traditional dance from HIMAPRODI PBI along the way to go into the auditorium. Afterward, the event was opened with some opening remarks by Ms. Rakhmaw

Visitation 2023: A Means to Innovate and Establish Relations Between HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA and HIMASI UNTAG

As the first work programme of the Public Relations Division, one of the divisions of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA, the Visitation programme that was themed "Building Strong Collaboration and Creating Innovation for a Better Organization with HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA and HIMASI UNTAG" was held successfully on Saturday, 25th of February 2023. Visitation is an activity where some representative members of the Student Association of the English Education Department of UINSA will do a "comparative study" with another student association of other universities. As the theme suggests, this year's Visitation was held between the Student Association of the English Education Department of UINSA (HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA) and the Student Association of English Literature Department of UNTAG (HIMASI UNTAG). Carried out in the Faculty of Humanities in the University of 17th of August 1945 Surabaya (UNTAG), the activity was opened by opening speeches by some of the officials of both HIMAPRODI P