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Soekarno and His Sacrifice for Independence of Indonesia

                             Indonesia 's independence can not be distinguished from the war of the Republic of Indonesia's First President, Soekarno. Exile from Soekarno did not cause him to give up . He's continued fighting for an independent Indonesia instead. Indonesia  's independence had been triggered in 1942 by the Dutch surrender to Japan. At that time, to gain Indonesian sympathy Japan freed rebel and hero figures such as Hatta and Bung Karno.     Previously, Soekarno had already been imprisoned and expelled because he was considered a  terrorist. He was once exiled in the city of Ende and Bengkulu. The Netherlands surrender made Soekarno see possibilities for Indonesian independence. He met Mohammad Hatta and Sutan Sjahrir when Sukarno was carried to Batavia. During the debate, Soekarno indicated Indonesia should follow Japan 's wishes for a while so that without bloodshed, Indonesia could become independent. But Sjahrir dismissed the offer.       Soekarn