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EAGER 2023: Carving Magical Memories

     Mojokerto, 12 November 2023 - Villa Cahaya, Claket, Pacet, Mojokerto witnessed the exciting activities of English Academician Gathering (EAGER) 2023 attended by new students of English Education study programme. With the theme "Consolidate Self-Development with Sociability, Reliability, and Capability Characters," the event lasted for three days, from 10 to 12 November 2023.      The EAGER 2023 was officially opened on Friday, 10 November 2023, by Mrs. Rakhmawati M. Pd, the head of the English Language Education Department in the hall. In her speech, Maam Rakhmawati emphasised the importance of self-development through social traits, reliability, and ability.      Three great presenters contributed in providing insights to the participants. The first speaker, Zulfikri Malik, S. Pd, discussed Self Development. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Mrs. Sri Surya Dewi, discussed Reliability, and the third speaker, native speaker Mr. Mutasem Abu Zahra, presented Smart Ways to Imp

Indonesian National Heroes' Day: Revisiting the History Behind the 10th of November

Once and Forever, the Indonesian Republic      Every 10th of November, Indonesians celebrate Heroes Day. This day is aimed at commemorating the battle of Surabaya, a battle that was elicited by the "comeback" of the Dutch after being evicted by the Japanese who then occupied Indonesia three years before. The most iconic scene from this series of incident and fight in Surabaya was the tearing of a Netherland flag at the Yamato Hotel. Being a national day, the 10th of November surely has significance for this country, especially in instilling nationalism and unity among Indonesians. Hence, it is important to know the history behind this day as this day is the embodiment of bravery and people's fight against colonialism not only to the Indonesian people but to the international society.      Being a newborn country, after several decades colonised by Europeans and Japanese, a country named "Indonesia" was still unknown to many. Its independence was not well-recogni