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  "TIGHTENING SOLIDARITY BY FOSTERING RESPONSIBILITY" HIMAPRODI Work Meeting is our first agenda in the 2022 period which is held on Wednesday, February 2 nd , 2022 and Thursday 3 rd , 2022. The meeting with the theme "Tightening Solidarity by Fostering Responsibility" ran well. Our first meeting is also one of our mandatory work programs. The goals of the agenda were to discuss the HIMA's program in one period and become To strengthen the solidarity of each HIMA's member. In the first day, the meeting was held online through teleconference zoom meeting and was attended by all members of the HIMA. By attending this meeting, we knew each other and take a look at each division presenting their work programs. In addition, HIMA's member also received material about responsibility and correspondence. In the second day, The meeting located at fourth-floor of FTK building of UIN Sunan Ampel SBY. Although, this activity could not be attended by all of HIMA