Charity Special

Awakening Sympathy, Sharing Education Through Charity

        Charity is one of Public Relation Division programs that held in Dsn. Kalikajang, Ds. Gebang, Sidoarjo. It has been held for a week, started from February 9th to February 12th 2019. The purpose of this agenda was to enhance building care for others in need, build shympathy and tolerance, also giving a contribution in education by teaching the students in the community.

       Kalikajang is one of the villages in Sidoarjo. Why this agenda took place in Dsn. Kalikajang? Nuril as the chief of this agenda said that they chose Dsn. Kalikajang because it was quite near from Surabaya and quite easy to reach. There are 2 ways in reaching Kalikajang, those are by riding wooden boats or walking for 6 kilometers with a muddy track.

        In this agenda we also gave a contribution to teach the students by doing a social teaching, the social teaching took place in MI AL ABROR which is the nearest Elementary School in Kalikajang. The distance between the school and the village is about 2-3 kilometers, but the children always have the spirit to go to school every morning with the muddy track. They always go and leave the school together. There are 6 classes in the school, each class contains of 4-6 students. Besides teaching at school, there was also an agenda to teach Al-Quran at the mosque. When the children go to the mosque they are as cheerful as when they go to school. They are very friendly to people who come to their village. Another agenda was giving courses for children who wanted to study or did their homework.

         The reason why this program been held was because we wanted to help others in social and education through teaching and charity. The contribution and the dedication will raise the awareness and concern of the condition of the surroundings in the community. Hope this agenda would be helpful to others.


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