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Research On Vacation (ROV): Brings a Bright Future by Experiencing and Learning Journalism from Jawa Pos

             Research On Vacation (ROV) is a work programme which is owned by the Research Division, one of the divisions of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA. Basically, ROV is a visitation programme that is held every year by the Research Division. The theme of the current ROV visitation programme was “Self-Manifestation towards a  Bright Future through Journalism". It was held successfully on Tuesday, 23rd of  May 2023. The ROV visitation programme is an activity where some representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA will do a “sharing and learning” Journalism from a company like Jawa Pos.      Carried out in Graha Pena Jawa Pos Fourth Floor Surabaya, the ROV visitation was started by gathering and praying together led by the representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA and then they went to the Graha Pena Jawa Pos Surabaya on foot because the building is located across from the UINSA building. When the group arrived at the place, they were welcomed by Fa’al Fadria as the speaker from J

Indonesian National Education Day: Celebrating the Foundation of Knowledge and Learning

        Indonesia annually commemorates National Education Day on May 2nd to honor the importance of education in the country's development and progress. This special day serves as a reminder of the value of education in shaping the nation's future and the continuous efforts made to improve educational standards. The Indonesian National Education Day celebrates the legacy of educational pioneers and highlights the ongoing commitment to providing quality education for all. The history of National Education Day in Indonesia dates back to the colonial era. On May 2nd, 1947, the renowned Indonesian educationist Ki Hadjar Dewantara founded the Taman Siswa school in Yogyakarta. Ki Hadjar Dewantara, also known as Raden Mas Soewardi Soerjaningrat, played a pivotal role in revolutionizing education in Indonesia. He advocated for an inclusive education system that focused on fostering the character, intellect, and creativity of students. The celebration of National Education Day aims to