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How Was Your Eid Mubarak during COVID-19?

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     Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin for all of Muslims in the world, especially for my brother/sister from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. Well, how lives going so far? I feel so bad because this situation can’t allow us to go out. What a boring time right? But, honestly, I’m a little bit adapted by this situation. I feel like staying at home can make me more productive than before. Sometimes, I find my new talent and interest accidentally.

     Anyways, my first question when I’ve interviewed Wanda a students at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya is how does it feel celebrating Eid Mubarak at home?. She said there were no greetings with each other, cannot meet with families, even though the most memorable time is gathering with family. I feel so bad, I feel it too. So bad isn’t it?

     My next question is what do you do to celebrate Eid Mubarak during COVID-19?  She said that she received no one and she is not going anywhere to visit someone. While she also mentioned that she will do everything that she can do to kill her boredom at home.

     Alright, the last question that I drop to her is what’s your suggestion for society or government to deal with coronavirus? She answered that people should be prepared with all the stuff that needed, especially logistic, reduce buying food outside that cannot be heated up anymore, always wash groceries directly when you get home after buying it, and the last one is please take care with your health and don’t hang out with your friends, isn’t important at all (!). She exclaimed.

     Well, I agree with her statement that Youngers should stay at home during this pandemic if they do not have any important business. Guys, come on! Even when you are strong, you are fit, you are seems fine. It doesn’t mean that you are negative from that virus! But, if you have some important business outside, please obey health protocols with prepare all the needed pieces of stuff like hand sanitizer, mask, and gloves. 

- article written by Salsabila pt

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Today's Article


     How's your online class going? Do you feel tired with it? If you do, so do I. I believe all of you feel very exhausted with these ample assignments during online class, so you all need to be able to manage your time well.

     Hmmmm, however,  we as students shouldn't always gripe because we don't know how lecturers try their best in preparing materials for us. Here, there is an interesting and touching story from a lecturer about his efforts in preparing materials for online class.

     This one lecturer has shared his confide and uploaded by @collegemenfes on Twitter , below is his Post.

Source: Twitter/@collegemenfess

     From his writing, it could be seen that he has made the video as best as possible. Facing lots of obstacles, and sometimes he even made video from 22.00-24.00. Unfortunately, from 46 students, there were only 27 students who downloaded the materials (or just look at it). Only 25 students were willing to view the video and only 20 students were willing to check assignments for the following week.

     "Whereas, this lecturer who has many shortcomings makes videos just want to give clear explanations related to the material. Not looking for subscriber or monetize. But only carrying out tasks and accommodating your complaints which say that I only often give assignments, but don't give lectures. And This is what I can do even if it's not appreciated. Thank you dear students! " confide in the lecturer.

     From the lecturer's confide above, what we can learn is that we must respect the assignments or materials that have been given by the lecturers because we do not know what effort the lecturer has put in to provide the best for us.
Stay healthy and happy fasting!

By: Jose Qomarul Islami

Credit: Twitter/@collegemenfess

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Coronavirus VS Covid-19

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The Covid Impacts Toward ELED

The Covid Impacts Toward ELED

     The Covid-19 pandemic, which attacks human respiratory organs easily, has already stressed out the whole world population and reaches at least 124 countries and territories including Indonesia. In dealing with this issue, the Indonesian government has established a "social-distancing" policy to prevent the increasing number of Covid-19 victims. This policy requires us to do all activities, including studying, inside our home with the help of sophisticated technology. Moreover, due to this strict policy, teaching-learning and civitas academica gathering are constrained. Let's take a look at our beloved campus, UINSA Surabaya, especially in English Language Education Department context.
     In obeying the "social-distancing" policy dealing with this Covid-19 issue, English Language Education Department (ELED) stakeholder suggests to ELED lecturers to conduct e-teaching learning activity. This daring, Dalam Jaringan, activity is conducted by harnessing online application platforms, such as Schoology, Google Classroom, Zoom cloud meetings, Moodle and so on. However, the implementation of it is not as good as expected. Anis Zayyana, one of the ELED students, argued "So far, I enjoy this online mode due to social distancing policy. It is hmm… interesting. However, the poor of connection inhibits online discussion and this teaching methodology can't cover all activities dealing with off-campus learning"

     Other than that, all kinds of civitas academica gatherings that HMP-PBI has planned are postponed indefinitely. The committees should set aside the time, the importance, the complicated preparation of the event. In HMP-PBI itself, two big events should be postponed due to this issue, they are International Seminar and TOEIC Preparation Test. According to the plan, the International Seminar will be held on April, 9th 2020, which about one week from now. Nevertheless, due to this issue, it will be postponed until October and hopefully, the situation will have been subsided. Anisya Septia, the chief of International Seminar, stated: "My work plan, International seminar, becomes chaotic, we have to reschedule the building loans, the speakers' presence and the other needs involved". 

     For the other event, TOEIC Preparation Test, it should be held on the 28th and 29th of March, 2020, which means it has been already conducted. Kurnia Setya, the chief of this event, agrees that this issue inhibits all activities. "I think it is very irritating, especially for organizations that their work plan nearby like me, the implementation of TOEIC is forced to be postponed following the circular from the rector that March 24th to April 1st the campus area must be sterile". This matter indeed brings so many drawbacks to the holding of this event. For instance, the committees must make an announcement containing postponement and apologies to all parties involved.

     From the article above, this Covid-19 pandemic indeed brings plentiful deficiency. However, this issue simultaneously brings several benefits to both academic and non-academic activity. The lecturer and the students may explore and experience a variety of online learning strategies. Because of this issue too, HMP-PBI may hold a well-prepared event and do a longer promotion to increase the number of participants significantly.