ICONELT (International Conference ON English Language Teaching) is one of the most beautiful event that held by English Education Department. ICONELT only held once for two years, the first ICONELT was hold in 2017 and this year was the second event by the theme “TRANSFORMING CURRICULUM : PROMOTING MULTILITERACIES AND DEVELOPING 21st CENTURY SKILLs through English language teaching”.

                The committee of this event are almost all the lecturer and the students  at 2nd semester to 8th semester in English Education. Mrs. Fitriah, PhD. as The chief of this eventis one of the lecture at English education Department. The Organizers of this event are very extraordinary. They planned an amazing strategy to make this terrifying  event.

                This event was hold in two days on Thursday, 25th of July2019 and on Friday, 26th of July 2019. There were some speakers who participated in this event and the rest were  from Australia. As we know that this event was participated by some English teacher from Indonesia even from abroad. Beside, there are some students of English Education Department UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya who participated in this event. In order to get many knowledges and great experiences from the speakers. Hopefully, they will have many imaginations about their teaching in the future.

                Luckily, the committee also got the great experiences from this event. Because they learned many things. Hopefully. This event will be the extraordinary event in UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya even in Abroad Ever After. See You On ICONELT 2021 J


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