Digital Frontline: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges in Gen Z Thechnology

      On Saturday, May 4, 2024, the IT International Seminar was held. Precisely organized by IT Division and Public Relation of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA. Inviting Awesome speakers A. Ghozi Mubarok and Adam Bachmeyer. A. Ghozi Mubarok is person behind TikTokers Influencer while Adam Bachmeyar is the Head of Design – Ciputra International School.

    The event began with re-registration to get consumption provided by the HIMAPRODI PBI committee. The opening of the event consisted of dance performances and opening by the MC. The first speech was from the chief of organizer of the event, Imroatul Asheila Almasih. Then continued by Wahyu Puspita Sari as the chief of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA. Furthermore,  there was a speech given from Ma’am Rakhmawati, M.Pd, as  the head of the English Languange Education Department

    This event runs in an orderly and relaxed manner. The next event began with the first speaker, A. Ghozi Mubarok, a TikTok Influencer, who provided motivation, tips and tricks, and solutions to be wise when becoming a content creator on social media in this technological era. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Mr. Adam Bachmeyer, also discussed the use of technology for learning media in schools and the importance of managing time in the classroom. Both speakers provided tips and tricks in utilizing technology for learning media in schools and building personal branding through social media. In accordance with the theme of the event, “Digital Frontline: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in the Gen Z Technology Era.”

    Moving on to the next event, such as ice breaking, this event featured acoustic music performed by HIMAPRODI PBI members from the Skill and Talent Division. The participants sang together and got carried away. As a closing event, the participants, event committee, and speakers were invited to take part in a documentation session.


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