Marketing for Small Bussiness: "How to grow your bussiness with effective marketing"

    On April 20th, 2024, the ENTREPRENEURSHIP WORKSHOP seminar was held. Precisely organized by Entrepreneurship Division of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA. Inviting awesome speakers Aliyah Nabila and Yose Rahayu. Aliyah Nabila is person behind JEJAKALAM.ECOPRINT while Yose Rahayu is the founder of Yoseramakeup. The audience was amazed by the achievements of the presenters at the event.which centered around the theme, “Marketing for Small Bussiness: How to grow your bussiness with effective marketing.”

    The event begins by re-registering to get consumption provided by the PBI HIMAPRODI committee. The event took place orderly and smoothly. The event was welcomed by Ma'am Fahmy Imaniar, M.Pd and it opened with a prayer led by Moh. Faizin, M.Pd.I. then continued  with several welcoming words from the chief organizer of the event, Fadly Ilhamy. Then they continued by singing the song Indonesia Raya together as a sign of love for their homeland as citizens.

    This event ran in an orderly and relaxed manner. The speakers shared their career journeys, provided useful tips and tricks for starting a business, and even showcased their work directly. The audience listened enthusiastically, and they also shared gifts and souvenirs for anyone who was active in the event. 

    Moving on to the next event, such as ice breaking, this event featured acoustic music performed by members of HIMAPRODI PBI from the Skills and Talents Division. The participants sang together and were so carried away by the atmosphere. Until the documentation session arrived, the participants, event committee, and speakers were welcome to take part in the documentation session. The photo session was bustling, and attendees were allowed to hold the work from JEJAKALAM.ECOPRINT.

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