Java English Competition (JEC) 2024 is one of the events held by HIMA Prodi PBI UINSA. The event has been conducted every year and the purposes are always the same, which is known to the major of Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (PBI) UINSA to the public. Besides that, the purpose of the event is to bridge the participants to develop their talents, especially in using English. Using English in the context of writing, speaking, listening, and reading. It’s also helpful for the school to let the students develop their english skill in this competition event, so they may make their school proud and more known in public. Not only that, another profit that the student’s may have is that  there’s going to be millions of rupiah as the price.

The JEC 2024 semi-final and final is going to be held on Saturday, 19 October 2024 at Auditorium UINSA with the theme “Unity in Diversity: Enduring the Indonesian Legacy through English”. There's going to be several pieces of new things that we got from the evaluation from the past year. Firstly JEC 2024 have 5 branches of competition which is, Speech Contest (SMP and SMA), Story Telling (SMP), English Olympiad (SMP dan SMA),  Poster (SMA), and Essay (Mahasiswa). This year JEC will held hybrid, online and offline at the same time, in the semi-final and final execution. That goes the same with the competition, Story Telling, Speech Contest, English Olympiad is held offline. But Essay and Poster are going to be held fully online and have no semi-final or final like the other three competitions. The winner will be announced directly on Saturday, 19 October 2024 and of course the winner announced still goes through a trusted judging process.

JEC 2024 is coming. Get ready to participate in this high-standing event. Come on, follow, and make your dreams come true to win a prestigious competition in Java. Come! Register yourself and be a part of JEC 2024!

Information related to JEC can be accessed on:



Instagram: @jecuinsa

NB: the provide information could change through time because the event is on progress to be planned

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