Exploring Teenager's Talent Through Research Program: "If you want to know the world, then read. And if you want to be known by the world, then write"

    Research on Vacation or better known as ROV has been completed in Jawa Pos. ROV itself is one of the programs of the Research Division of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA. This program has a specific aim to deepen students' experience and knowledge in the field of writing and printing and it is only implemented once a year. This year this program has been successfully implemented, chaired by Dhian Fatima and Fadia Salsabila Eka Salma.

    On March 6 2024, the ROV was held by Research division and attended by 31 participants consisting of 9 members from the Research division and 22 members from the Langdev, Skill & talent, IT, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and BPH divisions. At 8 am, this program starts with a gathering at a predetermined place to carry out attendance and distribution of snacks before finally leaving together for Jawa Pos.

    Exactly at 10 am, we were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Fa'al as a representative from Jawa Pos. Then it continued with the main activities led by Mrs. Fa'al, taking place in the directors' meeting room, 4th floor belonging to Jawa Pos. This main activity begins with an introduction from Jawa Pos and an introduction from our side.

    The event continued with a question and answer session and a short presentation regarding newspaper authorship and its printing. Here, we were accompanied by Mr. Firzansyah Oni or who is more familiarly known as Oni. In this session, we learned a lot about how to write news well and correctly, and about the criteria for news that can make readers interested in reading it.

    Following that session, the Jawa Pos allowed and also invited our group to go around and witness firsthand the process of broadcasting news which is usually broadcast and watched on TV. And finally, this program was closed by taking a photo together with all the members who had actively participated in this year's ROV, and then returned together to our beloved campus, UINSA, bringing a newspaper as a gift from Jawa Pos.

Writing Web - Research Division, HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA 2024

Author: Esl

Editor: IT Division/Rm & Pm


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