EAGER 2023: Carving Magical Memories

    Mojokerto, 12 November 2023 - Villa Cahaya, Claket, Pacet, Mojokerto witnessed the exciting activities of English Academician Gathering (EAGER) 2023 attended by new students of English Education study programme. With the theme "Consolidate Self-Development with Sociability, Reliability, and Capability Characters," the event lasted for three days, from 10 to 12 November 2023.

    The EAGER 2023 was officially opened on Friday, 10 November 2023, by Mrs. Rakhmawati M. Pd, the head of the English Language Education Department in the hall. In her speech, Maam Rakhmawati emphasised the importance of self-development through social traits, reliability, and ability.

    Three great presenters contributed in providing insights to the participants. The first speaker, Zulfikri Malik, S. Pd, discussed Self Development. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Mrs. Sri Surya Dewi, discussed Reliability, and the third speaker, native speaker Mr. Mutasem Abu Zahra, presented Smart Ways to Improve English Skills.

    In addition to the speakers, participants also received interesting materials such as Introduction to Campus Life, Introduction to HIMA (Student Association) of English Language Education Study Program, and Sarasehan sharing about the campus world and others.

    The evening of the second day was filled with activities that build intimacy among the participants. They performed the inauguration of each group, followed by watching a short film in the field. After watching, participants were asked to write down their dreams and hopes on polaroid photos which were then attached to a wall decorated with colourful lights by the committee.

    Not only that, acoustic performances from the representatives of the ST (Skill and Talent) division were added to the lively evening. The highlight was the fireworks party, where participants gathered in groups to set off fireworks together, creating a magical moment that was immortalised with beautiful firecrackers in the star-filled sky.

    The next day, activities continued with fun in the swimming pool as part of the outbound. In the afternoon, participants not only awaited the announcement of the EAGER’s "King and Queen", but also the election of class leaders, the distribution of group champions, and a closing ceremony with gift exchange, "for yesterday's eager event, what's more, the last day was really exciting, I was also able to get to know my friends from the same period and the event was also educational because there were several materials and one of the speakers was a native speaker where we learned many things about English, but in my opinion, the second day was a little less exciting because it was too long in the hall, huhuhu", said one of the EAGER 2023 participants. And at 4pm, the journey home began, ending a series of meaningful, fun, and unforgettable events for the new English Education students. 

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