Scholarship Seminar and TOEFL Preparation Event 2023: Enhancing TOEFL Proficiency for Overseas Scholarships


    Surabaya, September 23, 2023 - An extraordinary event, the TOEFL Preparation x Scholarship seminar with the theme "Improving TOEFL Proficiency for International Scholarships" organized by the English Language Education Student Association 2023, succeeded in increasing the interest of prospective scholarship recipients and English enthusiasts from various regions. With more than 100 participants, this event was able to provide deep insights and interesting experiences. 

    The event opened on a high note with a particular online speech from the Head of the English Language Education Department, Ma'am Rakhmawati M.Pd. Her words of encouragement set the tone for a day of inspiration and learning.

    The first session, moderated by Salsabila Malihah, a 5th-semester English language education student, featured Sayyidah Humairah, a graduating Informatics Student at UPNV Jawa Timur who was awarded multiple scholarships. She presented her thoughts and experiences in obtaining scholarships from prominent universities throughout the world. The audience was inspired and encouraged by Sayyidah's trip from the University of Twente in the Netherlands to the University of Sultan Zainal Abidin in Malaysia.

    Following the informative first session, attendees were treated to a well-deserved break. The break was made even more enjoyable by the musical talents of the Skill and Talent division, who serenaded the crowd with captivating melodies, providing a perfect intermission.

    The event seamlessly transitioned into its second session, where the audience delved into the intricacies of TOEFL Preparation by Ms. Sri Surya Dewi, M.Pd. An esteemed alumnus of a Prestigious UK University and a Prominent IELTS Instructor at a Leading Institution in Kampung Inggris captivated the audience with her comprehensive insights into TOEFL preparation. Her expertise left attendees equipped with valuable strategies for success.

    As the day ended, the moderator thanked the participants for their active engagement throughout the event. Participants were encouraged to fill out the attendance link as part of the event's formalities. The event concluded with a heartwarming group photo session, capturing the smiles and camaraderie that had developed among participants throughout the day.

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