PBAK 2023: An Introduction to the University's Ins and Outs to the Freshmen

    The theme for the Writing Web today that we write is the PBAK event or the introduction period for the campus environment. In this Writing Web, we have interviewed a resource person who is also one of the committee members, and a mentor at this PBAK event and he even won the award as the best mentor at the PBAK event himself, namely Arya Bagus Anindita, a 2022 English Language Education study program student.

    On the first day of PBAK, the initial gathering place for the new students was in front of the FTK building and lined up according to their groups, and started with cheers from each group. In the next event, new students were directed to the sports center to continue the next event, namely the chancellor's presentation to new students. While in the sports center, the event was not conducive due to demonstrations from other faculties which made the atmosphere in the sport center less conducive, and made the chancellor very uncomfortable and haven't even uttered a word due to the unconduciveness of the students in the sports center. The unfavorable atmosphere also had an effect on the rundown schedule which was a bit late. Then, the new Tarbiyah Faculty students were moved to the auditorium. The new students were introduced to DEMA and SEMA, as well as performances from the Student Activity Unit (UKM).

    On the second day, PBAK ran conducively, and according to the rundown schedule itself, the new students were placed in the auditorium building where they were given some materials such as students' web introduction namely 'myunisa', and 'sinau' then there was a talk session with alumni who excelled. In the next event, they were directed to the faculty building for study program orientation, and study program student associations (HMP), everything went smoothly until their return schedule, although it was a little delayed because the new students got the PBAK vlog assignment themselves.

    For the third day or the last day of PBAK, it was more or less like the previous batch. In the morning, the new students were directed to the sports center for appearances and introduction to UKM, but the Faculty of Tarbiyah itself did not take part in the event because it was too long to wait outside the building. sports center, which in the end they were directed back to the auditorium building to continue the rundown. In the afternoon, there were performances by UKM such as USB, UPBA, LPM Education, and the Hastasa Theater, all of which went smoothly and conducively, then there was an FTK prayer session and distribution of prizes to the challenge winners for both the participants and the committee. The last session was singing together as a sign that these new students were ready to live university life, and officially become UINSA students, and closed with a group photo session.

Writing Web - Research Division, HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA 2023
Author: Gus
Editor: IT Division/Ya & Fah


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