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    Pancasila's name is a combination of the Sanskrit words "pañca", which means "five," and "śīla", which means "principles" or "precepts." Pancasila Day, which is observed annually on June 1st, is now a recognized official holiday in Indonesia. By means of Presidential Decree No. 24/2016, President Joko Widodo declared the day a national holiday in 2016. The holiday was first observed on June 1st, 2017.

    Because Pancasila was adopted as Indonesia's official foundational philosophical theory, or simply became the state ideology on this day, Pancasila Day has become a significant occasion. Prior to Indonesia's independence from Japan and the Dutch in 1945, Soekarno, the country's first president, gave a speech in which he outlined the history of Pancasila.

By long discussion and process, Pancasila stated into 5 points, which are;

  1. A Divinity that is an ultimate unity,
  2. A just and civilized humanity,
  3. The national unity of Indonesia,
  4. Democracy predicated on the inherent wisdom of unanimity arising from deliberation among popular representatives, and
  5. Social justice for all Indonesian people.

    The celebration of Pancasila Day can serve as a reminder to always appreciate and respect what Indonesian heroes have given to us through their work and sacrifice to establish Indonesia as an independent nation with sound principles. In order to create a decent environment or even a good individual, Pancasila embraces all life's norms. Every point is rich in significance and unquestionably helpful in every way.

    The most common ways to celebrate are with online posters published on various social media sites, video footage, and ceremonies. On Pancasila Day, most people also raise a half-Indonesian flag in front of their house. Public activities, like seminars or workshops, are occasionally held with the goal of fostering nationalism and deepening awareness of Pancasila.

    Digital posters have been uploaded to the English Language Education Department UIN Sunan Ampel itself to commemorate Pancasila Day. Every year, a similar event is held, and each ELED student is required to share it on their personal social network. This effort was made to spread awareness of Pancasila Day and is hoped to be one of many methods for students to make life's complicated issues simpler.

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