IT Workshop 2023: A Means to Introduce LinkedIn and Curriculum Vitae for Beginners

    In today's writing, we will raise the topic of the IT Workshop seminar 2023 (17/06/2023). We have also interviewed Aimmatul Muhibbah, as the member of the Information and Technology (IT) Division who became the organizer of the event. The IT Workshop takes the theme "Escalating the Ability of LinkedIn and Curriculum Vitae for Beginners", with the professional guest star, Nur Eliana Rosyadah.

    Nur Eliana Rosyadah is a final-year student at one of the famous universities in Surabaya, Airlangga University (UNAIR) with Language and Literature as her major. She has been working as an apprentice from 2020 until now and being an awardee of Pertamina Foundation Sobat Bumi scholarship. Therefore, her great achievements have made her chosen as the most proper speaker in this event.

    Ms. Eliana herself also known as a content creator who usually shares her knowledge on her own social media accounts, namely about internships, personal branding on LinkedIn. LinkedIn itself has recently become the largest online site in the world for finding job vacancies and internships in any particular company to support people's successful careers.

    The topic conveyed by Ms. Eliana in IT Workshop was about the procedures to make a good and proper LinkedIn profile that play an important aspect to be seen by the target company, and also the procedures to make a good and proper CV that will be glanced by HRD.

    From the point of view of the informant we interviewed, namely Aimmatul Muhibbah, the material presented by Ms. Eliana was really relevant and applicable in looking for a job, scholarships, or teaching internship. When applying for a job, we can also adjust the job we are aiming for, knowing the terms and criteria of the job.

    Ms. Eliana also explained some of the mistakes that are usually made by most people when creating a LinkedIn profile, showing CVs that have the effect that HRD doesn't glance at it, and doesn't really attract the attention of a company. One of the examples is that in the education section, it is not necessary to write Kindergarten (TK) in the education section, that's an example of a mistake many people make. 

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