English Language Education Department of UINSA Collaborated with HIMAPRODI PBI and CEDA to Held Awards and Seminar

    To commemorate the 18th Anniversary of the English Language Education Department, the Faculty of Tarbiyah UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, the Study Program of English Language Education Department collaborated with HIMAPRODI PBI and CEDA (Community of English Department Alumni) to hold a celebration with various activities on Friday (17/3). Starting with the colossal gymnastics in front of the UINSA’s auditorium led by HIMAPRODI PBI members. All participants were encouraged to boost their spirits in the morning. The event continued with the registration of invited guests and participants which were also attended by study program leaders, departments, and faculties and accompanied with traditional dance from HIMAPRODI PBI along the way to go into the auditorium. Afterward, the event was opened with some opening remarks by Ms. Rakhmawati, M.Pd as the Chair of English Education Study Program, Mr. M. Farkhi Faishol Hakim as the Chair of CEDA, and Mr. Dr. Ahmad Muhibbin Zuhri as the Deputy Dean 3 for Student Affairs and Cooperation of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training.

    Carrying the theme “Open Doors to New Dreams and Discoveries” with the title “Job Fair and Career Coaching”, the celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the English Language Education Department was followed by praying together and cutting of tumpeng by the Head of Study Program, Head of CEDA and Deputy Dean 3 of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training. Apart from the celebrations, there were also job fair booths, awards, and a career coaching talk show.

    During the awarding session, the nominations and winners for each category were announced which consisted of awards for lecturers, alumni, education staff, and students. The achievements and services of the selected nominees and winners are important aspects of the journey of a study program that should not be missed. After reading the nominations and awarding prizes and awarding certificates to them, the performance of acoustic music was then performed by members of HIMAPRODI PBI.

    The activity was continued with the career coaching talk show with Dr. Rahmi Lailatul Mubarakah, M.Pd., the alumni of PBI students, who is now the secretary of Fatayat NU Mojokerto. He explained how to achieve dreams and become a person who has value in society. Moreover, she gave motivation and career advice to all of the participants. This talk show session was moderated by Laras Ayuningtyas Manggiasih, S.Pd who is also a PBI alumni and who is now an international class teacher at Muhammadiyah 9 High School Surabaya.

    The event series of the 18th English Education Study Program Anniversary was then closed with a group photo and potluck session. The age of 18 is a symbol of great enthusiasm, youthful enthusiasm, and enthusiasm to explore the future potential. Hopefully, with the collectivity enthusiasm and hard work, all PBI staffs including Study Programs, Alumni, Student Associations of the Study Program, and all Academics will get many ways to gain success and glory for the Study Program, students, and all PBI graduates as well as the theme, “Open Doors New Dream and Discoveries”.

    The following event was a seminar with the theme “Strengthening Capacity in the Development of Digital Learning Media English Language Education Study Program, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya” with guest speaker Daniel Ari Widhiatama, S.Pd., M.Hum, a lecturer at Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta and moderated by Sigit Paramono Jati, M.Pd., a lecturer at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. This activity ran well and was engaging. After the seminar finished, It was followed by a question and answer session and ended with a group photo session.

    This seminar aimed to enable PBI students to increase their knowledge in the world of technology and to be able to access more software for learning methods to be used in the next period so that the teaching and learning process will be more sophisticated and easier to implement.

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