On October 2nd, 2021, English Language Education Department, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training held a competition. The competition is named English Olympiad (EO) and the EO agenda is part of the Java English Competition (JEC). JEC is held anually, but this time JEC is held virtually. All participants who took part in this EO competition worked on the Olympiad at their respective homes or schools.

            There were 355 participants who took part in the EO JEC 2021 throughout Java, 107 for junior high school participants and 248 for high school participants. The first round of the competition used the CBT system, participants were expected to login to CBT using the username and password that has been provided and given by the committees. In the first round, which was the qualifying round, the junior high school participants worked on 40 questions and high school participants worked on 50 questions. The assessment given to each question in the elimination round was the correct answer whichwas given a score of 4, the question answered incorrectly was given a score of -1, and if it was not answered or left blank, the score given was 0.

            After the participants completed the qualifying round, the 40 people with the highest scores will advance to the semifinals. The semifinals and finals will be held on October 23rd, 2021.  Participants willbe given time to study, so they can prepare for the semifinals and finals. And the announcement forthe final will beannounced on 5 October 2021. In the semifinal round, contestants are required to write an essay, the topic given has been determined and given at the semifinal. In the qualifying and semifinal rounds, participants are asked to use two devices. One device is used to work on essays/ Olympiad questions and another device is used to join zoom. The purpose of using zoom is that the committee can monitor the competition participants carefully, forexample like the environment around the participants, so that there will be no cheating committed by the participants.

            Participants with the highest score as many as 10 people are entitled to take part in the next round, that is the final round. In this round, participants will present the essays that have been made in the previous round through the zoom application provided by the committee. 10 people who present essays willbe chosen by 3 ofthem to be the winners.


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