Heyoww everyone! It’s been a month since we've posted the previous content, and now we are back to report a program in UINSA that is called as PBAK. PBAK provides many programs. One of them is to introduce freshmen about university culture, it is held every year used to celebrate the new students' coming. Unfortunately, these past two years we did not held it in real life or offline since corona makes us to stay at home. Well, the program is held by 2-5 September 2021. If you are a student who wants to join some kind of UKM but you are confused to choose one of those UKM, then you can join the PBAK's event in 10 September 2021. There will be a lot of UKM(s) that participate to demonstrate their programs, then you can start to decide after all.

     These are the documentation of PBAK’s event in 10 September 2021 that held online and offline by complying with health protocols.

     These are the documentation of online PBAK that held in 3 September 2021 and There are almost 800 people from many kinds of prodi in Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan who have participated in PBAK


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