JEC 2021


Hello Fellas, do you miss the biggest event of JEC? Yap, JEC will be back this year. JEC (Java English Competition) is one of the biggest events held by students English Language Education Department at Islamic State University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya. JEC 2021 is back in a different way from previous years, which is definitely more interesting and spectacular. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, JEC 2021 will be held online. But, don’t worry!! It will be a fantastic event. How’s the competition? Let’s check it out!

As usual, there are 4 competitions held in JEC 2021, namely English Olympiad, Story Telling, Speech Contest, and Essay. Each round of competition will be carried out in a different way. Are you curious about each competition? Stay tuned on the web and Instagram HIMAPRODI PBI. 

The first competition is English Olympiad for Junior High School and Senior High School. There are 3 rounds of this competition: qualification, semifinal, and final. If you are interested in participating in this competition, register yourself immediately!

The next competition is Storytelling. It is intended for Junior High School. There are 2 rounds of this competition: qualification and final. For those of you who like to tell a story, let's join this competition. Show your talent in storytelling, maybe you are the best storyteller who deserves to win this competition.

Furthermore, there is also a competition named Speech Contest. The competition is intended for Senior High School. It is similar to Storytelling, there are 2 rounds of this competition: qualification and final. Do you like public speaking, especially for expressing your argument toward issues in Indonesia? This competition is suitable for you. Register yourself as soon as possible!

Do you like writing, especially writing an essay? Probably, this competition is suitable for you. We proudly present an Essay Competition for you who like writing Essay.  It is intended for college students of all universities in Java. There are  3 rounds: qualification, semi-final, and final. Do you think your Essay is amazing? Let's prove it by participating in this competition.

JEC 2021 is back! Don't forget to follow the Instagram @himaprodi_pbiuinsa and the web www.himaprodipbisa to find out updated information. Prepare yourself for this prestigious event and see you in JEC 2021, guys!


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