International Virtual Seminar


     Hi! It’s been a while since you read the article about event from our department right? Did you know that our department held an extraordinary event? Last week, we held the first International virtual seminar on October 17, 2020, through Zoom Meeting after rescheduling so many times because of the pandemic situation. The International Webinar event was conducted by the public relation division of the Students Association of English Language Education Department. The International webinar brings the theme Boosting Up Self-Confidence with Public Speaking Skill to Elevate Good Public Relations in 4.0 Era, which have purposes in promote and introduce public speaking and also to raise public awareness of many of the importance of public speaking. This event run well and was attended by over 200 participants, including ELED students and students from other universities from different institutions.

     Three speakers who were very professional in their fields of public speaking are present at the International Webinar. The first speaker, Firman Adi Saputra, who is already known for his public speaking skill, is a radio announcer, TV host, and also a professional MC. The second speaker is Alda Dea Delfina, M.Tesol she is one of the alumni of ELED, she currently teaches as a lecturer at UINSA. Her public speaking experience incredibly amazing, she is one of the speakers at several international conferences such as the international conference at IAFOR Japan and also the International conference of English language teaching in UINSA. The last is the third speaker that is no less extraordinary than the two previous speakers; Matt Hutson is a public speaker, copywriter and founder of Bookmattic. He has participated in several events related to public speaking, such as at an event held at Petra Christians University, Let's Speak Up Workshop, and Tools for Giving Amazing Presentation.

     Hopefully, this event could help all participants to be able to boost up self-confidence in public speaking. Because it can help us to improve career advancement, indicate creativity, improve leadership abilities, poise, professionalism, and qualities, which are very valuable for the job market. Moreover, speaking at events and conferences is a good way of building our credibility like Anisya Septia Ayucahyani as the Chief of International Webinar mention on her speech last week.




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