Did you know that Himaprodi (HMP) was once a student association of English Department (HMJ) that generate the list of young lecturers in PBI? Furthermore, what's the reason for the transformation of HMJ into HMP?

2015 was a busy year for Agil. As chief of this organization in that year, he was confronted with a new policy regarding the change of English Department into Language Department consisting of 2 study programs, there are Arabic Education and English Education. This situation created a declaration that two of them were siblings. Also, the collaboration of Himaprodi PBA and Himaprodi PBI's inauguration was first held.

The two logos above are a bit of a revolution. Agil had intended to modify the logo as a whole, but because there were some shifting intentions so the plan to modify the logo had not yet been realized. Moreover, according to him, the meaning of the logo is considered to be highly representative of the ideals of this organization. Book and globe images on the logo refer to proverbs; book as a window to the world; interpret the importance of education. The arch of "Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi.." above the logo is in line with the principles of its members who must balance between academics and organizations. So, the logo has been maintained until now.

Reaching more than 5 years old, Himaprodi PBI cannot be separated from incredible leaders. The following are a list of the leaders of Himaprodi PBI from the first to the present:

Agil Abdur Rohim
Chief of HMP PBI 2015

Taufik Hidayat
Chief of HMP PBI 2016

Herman Efendi
Chief of HMP PBI 2017

M. Farkhi Faisol H.
Chief of HMP PBI 2018

Aditya Herwanda R.
Chief of HMP PBI 2019

Akbarina Siagian
Chief of HMP PBI 2020

   "Achievement is something to be proud of, and so far the most difficult part for me is maintaining it," said Arin (Chief of HMP PBI 2020) in an interview. She also hopes that in the future, HMP will become more successful both in carrying out work programs as well as internal relations within the organization.




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