How Was Your Eid Mubarak during COVID-19?

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     Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin for all of Muslims in the world, especially for my brother/sister from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. Well, how lives going so far? I feel so bad because this situation can’t allow us to go out. What a boring time right? But, honestly, I’m a little bit adapted by this situation. I feel like staying at home can make me more productive than before. Sometimes, I find my new talent and interest accidentally.

     Anyways, my first question when I’ve interviewed Wanda a students at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya is how does it feel celebrating Eid Mubarak at home?. She said there were no greetings with each other, cannot meet with families, even though the most memorable time is gathering with family. I feel so bad, I feel it too. So bad isn’t it?

     My next question is what do you do to celebrate Eid Mubarak during COVID-19?  She said that she received no one and she is not going anywhere to visit someone. While she also mentioned that she will do everything that she can do to kill her boredom at home.

     Alright, the last question that I drop to her is what’s your suggestion for society or government to deal with coronavirus? She answered that people should be prepared with all the stuff that needed, especially logistic, reduce buying food outside that cannot be heated up anymore, always wash groceries directly when you get home after buying it, and the last one is please take care with your health and don’t hang out with your friends, isn’t important at all (!). She exclaimed.

     Well, I agree with her statement that Youngers should stay at home during this pandemic if they do not have any important business. Guys, come on! Even when you are strong, you are fit, you are seems fine. It doesn’t mean that you are negative from that virus! But, if you have some important business outside, please obey health protocols with prepare all the needed pieces of stuff like hand sanitizer, mask, and gloves. 

- article written by Salsabila pt


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