Entrepreneurship Seminar by Public Relation Devision

Mini Seminar by Research Division
April is an amazing month because there are significant events of this month that held by student’s association of ETED. The first one is Entrepreneurship Seminar by Public Relation Division on April 19th 2018. The theme of the seminar is "Break Your Hesitation to Young Entrepreneur” Which is held in SAC Building on 3rd floor. Entrepreneur Seminar has been attended by reliable speakers Lukman  Sugiharto Wijaya M. Si, Nanang Abdul Hamid, Heri Julianto as the speakers which are expert and competent in entrepreneurship. In this nice occasion they discussed something related to entrepreneurship, how to face the problem in business and give a motivation about having a business in young age.

The Second seminar is Mini Seminar by Research Division, on April 24th 2018. The theme of the seminar is “Preparation for thesis writing: Creativity in Title Formulation”. It took place at FTK 2nd floor 206 room and attended by amazing speaker whom is our beloved lecturer Mr. Mokhamad Syaifudin. M.Ed Ph.D. The participants were so excited attending this mini seminar because this mini seminar would help them to be creative for choose their thesis title. This mini seminar was limited only for 35 seats participants. This seminar will also come back with a fresh theme that will help you to break your difficulties in writing next semester.
What amazing events are, right? Aren't you waiting for the next spectacular agenda presented by student’s association of ETED?? Well, see you on the next event!


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