Big Family of English Teacher Education Department

Ramadhan Kareem. At Friday, 25th of May 2018, Students Association of English Teacher Education Department has been held share takjil and break-fasting together with big family of English Teacher Education Department. This event opened by reciting istighosah together then followed by delivering kultum from Mr. Munawir as the third Vice Dean of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty. It was attended by the whole big family of ETED including lecturers, head of the study program, head of Department also the alumni. All present seemed to enjoy togetherness in this event. For alumni, they also make this event as a meet and greet session after a long time period. There were also performances by Banjari Group as pre-agenda and take a picture together as a closing part. Alhamdulillah, the event runs smoothly and hopefully for the next year this annual routine will continue to run in order to tighten the relationship between students and lecturers also for students and alumni to get closer. We wish can meet again in Ramadhan next year.


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