Hari Pancasila : Strengthening Unity and Social Justice


    Hari Lahir Pancasila, Every June 1st, Indonesia commemorates the foundation of our state ideology, Pancasila. This date has been designated as Pancasila Day and National Holiday by Presidential Decree No.24 of 2016. June 1st marks the day in 1945 when the concept of Pancasila was first introduced by Indonesia's founding father, Sukarno, during a meeting of the Investigating Committee for Preparatory Work for Independence (BPUPKI). 

    Pancasila, which means "five principles" in Sanskrit, consists of five fundamental principles that serve as the philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state: 

1. Belief in one supreme God

2. Justice and civilized humanity

3. The unity of Indonesia

4. Democracy guided by the inner wisdom of deliberations among representatives

5. Social justice for all Indonesians

    We must implement these five values in our daily lives. Pancasila Day is a day to reminds us to continue implementing these values.

    This commemoration serves as an opportunity to reflect how well the Indonesian people have integrated these values into various aspects of life. Celebrating Pancasila Day involves honoring Indonesia's foundational principles through various meaningful activities. Communities can organize seminars, workshops, and discussions focused on the values of Pancasila, promoting unity, social justice, and democracy. Educational institutions can hold special lectures or projects that emphasize the importance of tolerance, harmony, and mutual respect among diverse groups. Additionally, media and online platforms can play a crucial role in spreading awareness about Pancasila's significance, encouraging reflection on its relevance in contemporary society. 

    Ultimately, celebrating Pancasila Day in this era involves both reflection on its core principles and active participation in initiatives that embody these values, fostering a stronger and more cohesive Indonesian society.

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