Research On Vacation (ROV): Brings a Bright Future by Experiencing and Learning Journalism from Jawa Pos


    Research On Vacation (ROV) is a work programme which is owned by the Research Division, one of the divisions of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA. Basically, ROV is a visitation programme that is held every year by the Research Division. The theme of the current ROV visitation programme was “Self-Manifestation towards a  Bright Future through Journalism". It was held successfully on Tuesday, 23rd of  May 2023. The ROV visitation programme is an activity where some representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA will do a “sharing and learning” Journalism from a company like Jawa Pos.

    Carried out in Graha Pena Jawa Pos Fourth Floor Surabaya, the ROV visitation was started by gathering and praying together led by the representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA and then they went to the Graha Pena Jawa Pos Surabaya on foot because the building is located across from the UINSA building. When the group arrived at the place, they were welcomed by Fa’al Fadria as the speaker from Jawa Pos. After that, she gave the group some knowledge about Journalism inside the Jawa Pos. Beside that, she also described what Jawa Pos became now in the digital era, “As you probably know, Jawa Pos used to be a place to print newspapers, but now Jawa Pos already has three departments: newspaper, television and online.” that was what she stated. The following part was a Q & A session, where the group may ask something about journalism, newspapers, history, and facts of Jawa Pos.

    After the Q&A session was done, The speaker took us (the representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA) on a tour inside Jawa Pos office fourth floor. There, we could observe that the layout of the building is divided according to the department. The Jawa Pos office is not that big, but it is actually comforting. There we could find a lot of details that suited Jawa Pos Company, back then when we arrived at the first floor of the building we could see newspapers hanging around. Furthermore, on the fourth floor we could see more details such as furniture that is comfortable and compatible, frames of pictures of the news that happened over the years hanging on the wall, and many things that we couldn’t recognize.

    Moving from tour activity, Fa’al Fadria gave the representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA a chance to have a look at a news anchor that was working live on site. Before that, she briefed us to stay quiet, turned off the phone notification, and made sure to turn off the phone flashlight. Fortunately, she allowed the group to take pictures and videos. The purpose of her briefing the group was to make the news anchor stay focused on his job. When the news anchor finished his job, the group were allowed to take pictures on site. After a lot of pictures were taken, the group came out from the studio and took more pictures. And then, the group took pictures with the speaker, Fa’al Fadria. The event was closed after then. At last the representative members of HIMAPRODI PBI UINSA thanked the speaker, Fa’al Fadria, for giving the group knowledge and her guidance inside the Jawa Pos Office.

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Author: Fan
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