UINSA Annual Agenda: Literacy and Regular KKN

Literacy and Regular KKN

source: https://w3.uinsby.ac.id

          KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) is a form of community service conducted by the students who are in the 7th semester as the intracurricular lecturing activities. UINSA provides four kinds of KKN program. Those are Regular KKN, Literacy KKN, Nusantara KKN, and International KKN. In this early year, ELED students have been implementing the Regular KKN and Literacy KKN.

          The Regular KKN was started on January 14th, 2020 and will be back on February 13th, 2020. The location of this program were determined from campus, those are Magetan and Lumajang that are located in East Java. UINSA facilitated the students with some buses. The buses have 60 people capacity per each. The buses escorted the students to their destination.

          Their activities for a month have been neatly scheduled. In the first week, they do the inculturation. They will approach and observe the environment and also the society as they are new and will stay in their village for several weeks. Then, in the next week, they will do mapping. In this activity, they can find out what is missing. In the third week, the students will arrange the plans to achieve their target. After planing the target, they start implementing their program based on their planing and make the report in the last week of KKN. In the end of the program, the students ask for permission to the society as they have to be back home after conducting the KKN. Then, they will be picked up by the bus and turn back to the campus.

          Meanwhile, Literacy KKN only focuses on Literacy area. The students who take part on Literacy KKN are responsible on people who have low interest in reading. This program is conducted in Surabaya. To facilitate Literacy KKN, UINSA has been in cooperation with Surabaya Library and Archives Department. The participants allowed are the students who have taken 80 credits and are not currently taking PPL 1(Praktik Pengalaman Lapangan) and PKL (Praktik Kerja Lapangan). The activities of Literacy KKN are in form of literacy assistance, in terms of library revitalization, and KWB (Kurikulum Wajib Belajar) implementation in madrasah and Islamic biar dong schools.

          The process in the implementation of this program are socialization, announcement for the elected participants, briefing, placement, picking up the participants, submitting the draft reports, report presentation, and report submission. This program is taken for six months and at least once a week on the day that has been compromised with the Islamic boarding school or TBM (Taman Baca Masyarakat) for 8 hours with the details of 4 hours at the TBM. The total of the meeting for Literacy KKN are 30 meetings.


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