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Pekan Kunjung Perpustakaan Event

Do you know?  September is the most hectic month in UIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA. There are several events that eventually held in this month. One of the events is “Pekan Kunjung Perpustakaan”. This event is celebrated in every 14th September. This is very glorious event because there are some competitions that held in this event, such as singing battle, drawing competition, speech competition for elementary school students, video profile design competition, and many more.
Many students are participated in “Pekan Kunjung Perpustakaan”. In tarbiyah faculty, especially the students of English Language Education Department are very enthusiastic in celebrating this event. Last year, several students of English Language Education Department became the committees. There are four students who became the master of ceremony on the first and the last day. Moreover, the students of dance community also perfomed their best performance in the last event to entertain the participant. Proudly, t…

Soekarno and His Sacrifice for Independence of Indonesia

Indonesia 's independence can not be distinguished from the war of the Republic of Indonesia's First President, Soekarno. Exile from Soekarno did not cause him to give up. He's continued fighting for an independent Indonesia instead. Indonesia 's independence had been triggered in 1942 by the Dutch surrender to Japan. At that time, to gain Indonesian sympathy Japan freed rebel and hero figures such as Hatta and Bung Karno.    Previously, Soekarno had already been imprisoned and expelled because he was considered a terrorist. He was once exiled in the city of Ende and Bengkulu. The Netherlands surrender made Soekarno see possibilities for Indonesian independence. He met Mohammad Hatta and Sutan Sjahrir when Sukarno was carried to Batavia. During the debate, Soekarno indicated Indonesia should follow Japan 's wishes for a while so that without bloodshed, Indonesia could become independent. But Sjahrir dismissed the offer.      Soekarno finally discussed with…


Did you know that Himaprodi (HMP) was once a student association of English Department (HMJ) that generate the list of young lecturers in PBI? Furthermore, what's the reason for the transformation of HMJ into HMP?
2015 was a busy year for Agil. As chief of this organization in that year, he was confronted with a new policy regarding the change of English Department into Language Department consisting of 2 study programs, there are Arabic Education and English Education. This situation created a declaration that two of them were siblings. Also, the collaboration of Himaprodi PBA and Himaprodi PBI's inauguration was first held.

The two logos above are a bit of a revolution. Agil had intended to modify the logo as a whole, but because there were some shifting intentions so the plan to modify the logo had not yet been realized. Moreover, according to him, the meaning of the logo is considered to be highly representative of the ideals of this organization. Book and globe images on …


How Was Your Eid Mubarak during COVID-19?

     Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin for all of Muslims in the world, especially for my brother/sister from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. Well, how lives going so far? I feel so bad because this situation can’t allow us to go out. What a boring time right? But, honestly, I’m a little bit adapted by this situation. I feel like staying at home can make me more productive than before. Sometimes, I find my new talent and interest accidentally.
     Anyways, my first question when I’ve interviewed Wanda a students at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya is how does it feel celebrating Eid Mubarak at home?. She said there were no greetings with each other, cannot meet with families, even though the most memorable time is gathering with family. I feel so bad, I feel it too. So bad isn’t it?
     My next question is what do you do to celebrate Eid Mubarak during COVID-19?She said that she received no one and she is not going anywhere to visit someone. While she also mentioned …


Dibawah ini merupakan rekapan terbaru peserta JEC 2020

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Today's Article

     How's your online class going? Do you feel tired with it? If you do, so do I. I believe all of you feel very exhausted with these ample assignments during online class, so you all need to be able to manage your time well.
     Hmmmm, however,  we as students shouldn't always gripe because we don't know how lecturers try their best in preparing materials for us. Here, there is an interesting and touching story from a lecturer about his efforts in preparing materials for online class.
     This one lecturer has shared his confide and uploaded by @collegemenfes on Twitter , below is his Post.
Source: Twitter/@collegemenfess

     From his writing, it could be seen that he has made the video as best as possible. Facing lots of obstacles, and sometimes he even made video from 22.00-24.00. Unfortunately, from 46 students, there were only 27 students who downloaded the materials (or just look at it). Only 25 students w…

Coronavirus VS Covid-19

Hi! How's life?  The third edition of Redzone Magazine was officialy published with a theme "The Power of Beauty Inside Women". Below is one of the article form Redzone Magazine. If you want to read more articles, don't hesitate to download here
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The Covid Impacts Toward ELED


JEC 2020 Is Back

JEC (Java English Competition) is the biggest event held by college students English Language Education Department at State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya. This competition aims to develop the potential of junior high school, senior high school students, and university students, especially in terms of communication. The competition is attended by participants from various cities in Java.
   Since the number of participants of this competition have increased, the jec commitee, the JEC committee has prepared several rayons scattered in 13 cities on the island of Java which will be a registration place of the participants. 13 cities that will become rayon are Surabaya, Lamongan, Mojokerto, Bojonegoro, Madiun, Kediri, Malang, Jember, Pasuruan, Bangkalan, Jakarta, Solo, and Bandung.
    This competition has 4 types of competitions, namely English Olympiad, Story telling, Speech Contest, and Essay Competition. The first competition is the English Olympiad. This competition…

UINSA Annual Agenda: Literacy and Regular KKN